The Origins of Linden Hall School

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The Linden Hall School Junior and Senior High School division opened in April 2010, the first private chutokyoikugakko school in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Chutokyoiku sees a division of the six years of secondary education into a three-year Initial Course, and a three-year Final Course, which correspond respectively to junior and senior high school. Completion of the Initial Course qualifies students to enter senior high school, and completion of the Final Course gives students the qualifications to enter university, in the same way as a normal senior high school graduation does.
Linden Hall School provides a full 12-year educational program from elementary through junior and senior high school, and aims to cultivate internationally-minded people who are able to freely use English as a means to an end, not just as an end in itself.

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The Origins of Linden Hall School

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Linden Hall is one of the oldest schools in North America, with a 260-year history and tradition going back to its founding in Pennsylvania in 1746.
The name Linden Hall is taken from the Linden tree, which symbolises respect and intellectual challenge.
The meaning of the Latin motto of Linden Hall, ‘Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus” is ‘Not just for school but for life’.
Linden Hall school and the Tsuzuki Gakuen have maintained links for many years now. When our school was opened, we were honored to receive this name, steeped as it is in history.