都築 明寿香

Linden Hall School High School Principal

Asuka Tsuzuki

Linden Hall School (USA)
The University of Tokyo
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

We are aiming to cultivate truly international individuals who can act throughout the world,
through an education that places emphasis on the individual, with English as a tool.

Linden Hall was established to nurture talent rich in individuality and capable of acting on a world stage.We make use of an immersion program where classes other than Japanese Language are conducted in English. Furthermore, we have introduced a team-teaching system, with a Japanese teacher and a teacher who is a native speaker of English, and provide an environment where children can study at ease. Our great long term aim is to build the self over a lifetime of learning,
mastering English but at the same time experiencing Japan’s traditional culture and arts in ways that have hitherto not been possible in a conventional education.
We are putting into practice an education of the individual that will assist him or her the world over. The school has additionally been selected by the Ministry of Education and Science, in recognition of our introduction into the curriculum of Environmental Studies, as a Ministry of Education and Science-designated Specially Exempt School. Furthermore Linden Hall high school was opened in 2010. “Develop the individual, give them confidence, and send them out into the world. ”
This is our dream and our life’s work.

都築 仁子

School Founder

Kimiko Tsuzuki

Tsuzuki Gakuen Group

We want to develop the individual, give them confidence, and send them out into the world.

The question of how to nurture the individual in each student; amid internationalization and the information age, is an extremely important theme in education and henceforth for Japan the cultivation of globally-minded people who can use English freely on an international stage is essential.We wish to provide a top class education,fitted to the needs of the world in the 21st century ,which takes a broad view of the self and extends the abilities and individuality of each student. Beginning with the adoption of English immersion education, through the development of IT and presentation skills, and in enabling our students to experience Japanese culture at first hand, we have a highly original curriculum that respects the dreams and individuality of each student. We will strive to refine students’ special qualities as Japanese, while at the same time our outstanding foreign staff allow for a truly international educational environment; and we strive to make the school one wherein individuality is strengthened and reinforced.