Linden Hall Mission Statement

The Enhancement of Life through the Development of Individuality


  • ・Learning for the Self
  • ・Respect for Others
  • ・Service to the Community
  • ・Contribution to World Peace


Linden Hall Mission Statement


‘The Enhancement of Life through the Development of Individuality’ is the founding spirit of Linden Hall School. Surrounded by verdant nature, the school aims to provide an advanced learning environment, which nourishes creative individuals who will continue to enhance their distinctive talents throughout their lives.

Individuality, in its meaning at Linden Hall School, refers to the unique character or talents of a person, group or nations. Our school aims to nurture intelligent global citizens who will cherish individuality, harmony and the spirit of coexistence through the appreciation of the roles of both the self and others.


To achieve these objectives, Linden Hall School provides a top-class holistic education that suits the needs of the 21st century. We seek to cultivate principled and genuine international citizens with inquiry-based learning skills, who use English, in addition to their native languages, as a tool to function effectively throughout the world with outstanding originality.


Through being part of our supportive and enjoyable school community, Linden Hall School students are expected to deepen their character as well as their abilities; learn respect for others and maintain an enthusiastic academic attitude in order to become individuals who can contribute to the betterment of the world.