International Exchange

Affiliated Schools

Schools with whom Linden Hall conducts exchanges

Enabling our students to benefit from study abroad, Linden Hall maintains exchange relationships with the following schools, and exchange students come each year to Linden study with us, thereby enriching our school life in Japan too.



≫ Okinawa AMICUS International


≫ St Patrick’s College, Ballarat
≫ Frankston High School
≫ Beacon Hills Secondary College


≫ George S. Henry Academy
≫ St Michael Catholic High School



Sister schools and TSUZUKI group

Linden Hall School is part of the Tsuzuki Gakuen Group. Tsuzuki Gakuen Group works together well-known universities from countries all over the world, sharing global viewpoints and endeavoring to raise truly cosmopolitan students who can respect each other’s culture and personality.


Sister schools and TSUZUKI group