Our students took part in the Model United Nations (MUNK)

Three students selected internally took part in the Model United Nations (MUNK) held at Kumon International Gakuen on 11th February 2017. Over 200 students representing 133 countries took part, the majority from Kumon. The main theme was 'Nuclear Weapons'. Our school was assigned to be Nigeria, and our students had been preparing their positions and draft resolutions since the beginning of January.



 For our students, doing lobbying fro the first time, everything was new but they were able to make their presence felt as the day progressed, and performed their respective task acting in support of the main submitter, South Africa.



 There were three resolutions in the current session, which was conducted with one in favour of, and two against nuclear weapons. While some of the more assertive countries were able to engage in a vigorous exchange of opinions, a number of schools that were less familiar with the format found it difficult to get to speak, and our students, who were participating for the first time found it difficult to fully contribute.


 Asked afterwards what they felt about participating, the students noted that they had gained insights into the difficulties of seeing thing from the point of view of other countries, and that they should have done more research ahead of time concerning other countries.