Global Public Service Academies for Health (GPSA)


What is GPSA?

GPSA for Health programs are intensive experiences for high school students and high school graduates with a passion for career paths such as medical doctor, nurse, pharmacist, biomedical engineer, dentistry or other health occupations. Participants are delivering healthcare and health education, hands-on every day. Please see more details:


Four students joined the GPSA in the Thailand Pilot Program for 9 days (8-16 December) and worked at Mae Tao Clinic ( ) which provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers, and others who cross the border from Burma to Thailand. In addition, they participated in community outreach, gave health education at a school and a boarding school and did some cultural exchange with students there. They also took language lessons (Burmese and Thai) and enjoyed a Burmese cooking class. There was a lecture on public health and migration. We had the privilege of paying a visit to Dr. Cynthia Maung who is the founder of the Mae Tao Clinic.


Through the GPSA experience, students have gained more confidence and learned that they can make a difference in people’s lives. They were able to set a clear goal for their futures.