Universities where out graduates go

Where our graduates are going

In the 2015 November session of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Examination, all Diploma students successfully got the Diploma Programme. Congratulations to our first graduating class for an outstanding performance.
 The school average was over 33 points, which is higher than the world average (29 points) and the Asian average (31 points). A focus on global education with English as a tool, the efforts of our students and the support of their parents has made this outcome possible.
 Our first graduating class was able to be successful with university entry to top universities all over the world not just through the IB but also through completing the Japanese national curriculum, which international schools in Japan do not cover.
With a continuous six-year program of education and guidance, Linden Hall High School provides full support to our students in realising their dreams. The English-immersion program and IB open paths not only to top universities in Japan but around the world.


Our Students' IBDP Examination Results
School Average at 2015 is 33 points   (A perfect score for the IB Diploma is 45 points. Our Highest Score is 41 points)
(※the world average is 29 points / the Asian average is 31 points)


University Acceptances
United States of America
Cornell University 
University of California, Los Angeles
University of British Columbia 
University of Alberta 
University of Toronto 
United Kingdom
King's College London University of Birmingham
Durham University  SOAS University of London
University of St Andrews University of Reading
London School of Economics and Political Science University of Essex
University of Melbourne
Australian National University
The University of Sydney
Monash University 
La Trobe University 
University of Western Australia


National and Public Universities Private Universities
Saga University Faculty of Medicine Keio University
Kyushu University Waseda University
Hiroshima University International Christian University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Sophia University
Kagoshima University Aoyama Gakuin University
  Doshisha University
  Japan University of Economics