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Congratulations on Graduating

 Twelve years have passed in the blink of an eye since, in April 2004, as the cherry blossoms bloomed in Daizaifu you started elementary school, still yet to grow into your new school uniforms. Today as your graduation comes around, I would like to express from the bottom of my heart both gratitude and respect to each and every one of you who has achieved what you set out to do, and as the first graduating class laid the foundation stones and built a history for the school.
 Ten years, fifty years, a hundred years from now, what will Japan and the world look like, where would you like to be in that world, and what kind of adult do you wish to be? Plot your lives courses carefully, and from this day walk your separate paths. You will no doubt meet obstacles and trials upon the way. But I hope that you will take all these in a positive spirit, as things from which to learn and develop, overcome whatever life brings, and continue to meet its challenges.
 I expect all eleven of our graduating class, imbued with the Linden Hall spirit, to employ your own individual talents to go on to great things with the world as your stage. May all your futures be glorious!


 “Those without dreams are without ideals, those without ideals are without plans, those without plans are without action, and without action, there is no success. Thus, for those without dreams, there is no success.”- Yoshida Shoin

Extracts from the message of Linden Hall School Chairman, Asuka Tsuzuki, to our first graduating class




【Main Entrance】

【Memorial Daruma Doll】


【Congratulatory Messages】

【Graduation venue】

【Last Lecture before Graduation】

【Graduating Class Relaxing before the Ceremony 1】

【Graduating Class Relaxing before the Ceremony 2】

【Graduating Class Relaxing before the Ceremony 3】 

【Graduating Class Relaxing before the Ceremony 4】

【Presentation of Diplomas】

【Principal’s Address】

【Chancellor’s Address】

【Guests’ Speeches】

【Presentation of Gift from School】 

【Speech to Graduation Class】

【Valedictory Speech】

【Teachers Conducting the Ceremony】

【Group Photograph】


Graduation Movie

2015年度 リンデンホールスクール中高学部 第一回卒業証書授与式
2015 Linden Hall High School 1st Graduation Ceremony